Thursday, March 19, 2009

A turning point

Yesterday was a definite turning point in my overall mood and attitude towards this situation.

It was the first time I had really been able to move past the news we had been given on move on to exploring other possibilities. The people who know me really well know that I'm one of the first people usually to question a doctor and even find another one to question. Due to the news we had received I hadn't gotten there yet until yesterday.

When I woke up my mood was considerably better and I started to explore the internet for other options which was when I stumbled upon the link below. Another lady I had been talking to also sent me a story just like it that was about someone she knew so the wheels started churning.

All of this was going through my head yesterday on the way to the doctor. We sat down with her and she informed us that our case is now part of a group of cases that go to committee each month. They had met since Friday and had discussed are case and guess what? They are totally at a loss as to what is actually wrong with her.

DISCLAIMER: The prognosis has not changed because it is still based on what they saw from Friday.

As part of the conversation I pointed out that the possible choices for diagnosis are very broad which in turn leaves a large chance of error in the diagnosis and she agreed.

We left the appointment essentially on the note that this is in God's hands and he could touch her over the next month and the echocardiogram and u/s could show significant improvement. It could also go the other way. Only time will tell what God has in store but I ask that you all keep praying as we will that little Megan is a fighter and that this game isn't over yet.

So right now we are just staying positive, hoping, and praying for a miracle.


Steve, Amber, and Megan Grace


  1. I just wanted to let you know I am praying so hard for your family--and for little Megan. Keep your strong faith. God is with you and your little girl.

  2. I am praying so hard for you and I think it is wonderful to hold on to hope - I feel a strong sense of it for you too.

    You have so many prayers for your family that Megan Grace is a miracle that will overcome the diagnosis.

  3. Amber, I know this is such an emotional rollercoaster for you, but girl, you keep on fighting and hoping for that miracle! I am definitely praying that the doctors are mistaken and you will bring your beautiful bundle of joy home with you.


  4. You guys are always in my prayers. I have been thinking about you and praying for you non stop since you shared your news with us. I will remain hopeful for a miracle and you can count on my prayers always!