Friday, May 22, 2009

Where We Stand

is a very confusing location right now. Yesterday, Steve and I spent from 7:45am until about 1pm with doctors only breaking quickly to grab a quick breakfast. This morning I returned to the office to have my glucose test done because for circus of reasons it did not happen yesterday. When I walked into my office to grab my chart they said to come back when I was done because my doctor wanted to see me sooo you can add another 2 hours to the time we spent with doctors yesterday for a grand total of about 7 hours!

The positive of all of this is we have a very muddy picture of where we are going as far as delivery etc.Haha, let me be truthful....we know nothing. This weekend I will be packing my bags for the hospital though just in case because there are few minor complications that could cause and earlier delivery than we anticipated although the chance is still minimal.

Let's see:

1) Based on the ultrasound from yesterday I still have a condition called Placenta Previa. It's not a complete Previa though and my placenta is reallyclose to getting out of the way but if it does not a c/s is our only option. I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before but that is not ideal at all for Megan's condition.

2) We are finally going to go through with the amniocentesis. This has been much debated and thrown around but next Thursday I'm having it done after all. The reason the doctors have made the decision to take on the risk is because at delivery we only have one shot at getting the genetic samples they need. If it does not work for some reason we will not have 100% definitive answers that Megan Grace has OI Type II. Steve and I would then be in a tough situation in the future. The amnio will allow them to have a second chance at getting an accurate diagnosis so we are not left empty handed.

That said, this procedure alone could throw me into labor hence the reason I'm packing this weekend.

3) Then there is the wrench of all monkey wrenches. :drum roll please: My doctor just consulted her calendar and realized that on July 19th she is boarding a plane for France and will not return until AFTER my due date. Wow. This makes me sad in so many ways because she has been more than instrumental in keeping the pieces of this puzzle together along with myself and I'd be very sad not to have her there for Megan's birthday.

There is a small chance we could deliver before she leaves but we have to see if my body is favorable for an induction, if Megan Grace is head down, and if my placenta moves. All of this before July 18th. The only thing we can do is pray and hope the stars align even if it is in the 11th hour. If not, then on to Plan B.

She has a backup who I have not met although we have talked via phone once. She is aware of the situation and willing to step in if needed so that is good news.

Yesterday, we also met with the pediatrician who will be at the hospital to care for Megan Grace and keep her out of pain once she arrives. He was a very compassionate doctor who has been practicing for many years so I feel confident in his abilities. Many of the living children he handles have special needs in some way, shape, or form so he understands our perspective and is willing to do everything he can to make it easier on all of us.

Based on all of this we likely have between 1 week and 10 weeks left with Megan Grace. Hopefully, it is more like 5-6 weeks but only time will tell.......


  1. As always, I am praying for the 3 of you and wishing you the best.

  2. Continuing to keep you all in my thoughts and wishing for your continued strength.